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In support of our goal to create a solution that will keep people-data secure and private. We try to engage you with our material in security from time to time. The ultimate goal is to allow global payments, file sharing, audio/video calls and use of cloud services with quantum resistance 2048bits AES-hybrid encryption for all animate and inanimate.

Lattice Face Key Infrastructure (LFKI) for Quantum Resistant Computing.

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In this paper we present a new idea by exploring a hybrid system designed to share symmetric and asymmetric properties. LFKI is code named, end-to-end cryptographic system for cloud, mobile, internet of things (IOT) and devices (ECSMID).

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NP-COMPLETENESS: Could it be a limitation?

It is time for us to pay attention to non-deterministic polynomial time (NP-complete) problems. Non-deterministic polynomial time references non-deterministic Turing machines for problems and solutions dealing with decisions. It is still unknown if an NP-complete problem can be solved in polynomial time on a deterministic Turing machine. What if the later statement is NOT true? […]

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LokChain is the first blockchain platform that carefully solves majority of the problems (WIP) tormenting the use and integration of blockchain technology (refer to DLT). These problems do not preclude: The stress on PKI Scalability Interoperability Mining (waste of electric power) All roads to the famous Satoshi paper points to the need for decentralization. The […]

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Blockchain Simplified, “Am I the only one who is lost with bitcoin mechanics?”​

LokChain: “Secure your Mobile, IoT with the power of our hybrid-blockchain platform.” “Easily add our blockchain encryption to any app to make it truly decentralized and secure.” Answer Bitcoin is one of the most prevalent application of blockchain. Huh …It is very simple Or is it?… Just imagine yourself in a group chat on Whatsapp. […]

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