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We Are LokDoners

We are’ LokDoners’; a dedicated team of cybersecurity and privacy control software engineers and developers using keyless and platform-agnostic authentication to protect your information. At LokDon we have a can-do spirit, to be the best in what we do. We understand that the state of mind which derived the solution at a point is not the same as the solution brought forth from it.
Here in the US and across the globe companies are having difficult times with online privacy and information security. This affects the way they manage their data at rest, in motion and transient. It is near impossible to remain private and secure at the same time. Many companies are victims who find themselves begging at the mercy of bad actors because of breaches. 60% of businesses affected by security incidents never recover. Most of the time what is abused is all our data.
We understand that the state of mind that derived the solution at a point is not the same as the solution derived from it. This is so true for the changing threat scape in cyber security.
That is why we tackled this problem from scratch. “We go in and from within we win.” A problem is only a solution that is not yet completed. First, we redefined data by keeping all your information a secret before and after it is needed. Thereafter, you got on the driver seat of controlling your information because data is destiny in the digital era.

We stop at nothing

We are focused on eliminating data breaches, tracking and insecurity. We will stop at nothing until every data is secure

We Love To Explore​

A good security company is a research business. We have explored and defended various security issues leaving no trace of exposure

We Take It Step-By-Step

We never consider taking many steps at a time. We carefully analyze the data before implementing our security tool

We Keep It Simple

Our algorithm may be complex but we keep the process very simple, easy and clean. We can say, we provide a simple solution for a complex problem

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Mission: Embedding instructions in applications to push for information supremacy by promoting the use of patented keyless and platform-agnostic internet protocols designed to keep the information a secret before and after any entity might have shared it

Vision: Supporting the new found freedom of information supremacy through applications that allow companies and clients to make money from their information without a third-party just by clicking on a browser search

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