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Data is Destiny

We are "LokDoners"

A dedicated team of cybersecurity and privacy control software engineers and developers using on demand keyless timeless end-to-end encryption to protect privacy and secure information.


At LokDon we have a can-do spirit, to be the best in what we do. We understand that the state of mind which derived the problem at a point in time, is not the same as the solution brought forth with.
First, we redefined data (data is destiny) by remediating the challenges of secrecy in computer science. We developed a way to keep information a secret before and after it is needed.

Our Approach

In the USA and across the globe, companies are stuck in the old ways of using keys, seed phrases, and challenge/response mechanism for security.This is prone to cyberattacks, hard to maintain, very expensive and a big hassle for users.

We solve this problem by offering on-demand, keyless, timeless, and end-to-end encryption for security and privacy. This reduced the steps in the key based mechanism while accelerating the business pace and best user experience.We have brought a new dimension to key management, movement, store and reuse.

All entities requiring authentication no longer have to move, store, reuse and manage keys. This will apply to data at rest, in motion and transient. It is near impossible to remain private and secure while moving keys at the same time. Web 3 blockchain has already lost $2BUS this year (2022) from newbie seed phrase mismanagement or abuse. 60% of businesses affected by security incidents never recover.

Many companies are victims who find themselves begging at the mercy of bad actors because of breaches. This is so true for the changing threat landscape in cyber security.

That is why we tackled this problem from scratch by developing our core encryption code, software development kits and APIs. “We go in, and from within we tackle these problems.

We stop at nothing

We are focused on eliminating data breaches, tracking and insecurity. We will stop at nothing until every data is secure

We Love To Explore​

A good security company is a research business. We have explored and defended various security issues leaving no trace of exposure

We Take It Step-By-Step

We never consider taking many steps at a time. We carefully analyze the data before implementing our security tool

We Keep It Simple

Our algorithm may be complex but we keep the process very simple, easy and clean. We can say, we provide a simple solution for a complex problem

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

To lead as a resilient software engineering practice for decentralising the flow and control of information using key less end-to-end encryption as a timeless backbone of privacy preservation; information security and independent ownership of contents in a consolidated or non-consolidated ecosystem on-chain and off-chain


Supporting the new found freedom of information supremacy through applications that allow companies and clients to make money from their information without a third-party just by clicking on a browser searchTo advance the current primitive cryptography by making them resistant to quantum computer assailants, and promote the use of machine learning to train the encryption core for enhanced password systems, assistive technology and uncertainties in connection with flow and soundness of data for powering the future of the internet of things of value. 

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