Lokdon is 2048 bits ultra modern cryptographic technology that uses a secret key infrastructure scheme (SKI). This system or algorithm extrapolates AES to presents 1. Digital Nucleus Agregator (DNA) 2. Digital Data Nucleic Authority (DDNA). Its inbuilt application protocols extend the mechanism of AES. More so, increases the current asymmetric and symmetric suite capability to 8 times.

It is a dynamic cryptographic system which engages the nature of the digital world to address future threats and attack vectors on computer and internet security. This is a hybrid system that challenges the current state against high level security in constrained systems.

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Decentralization is the strength of secret key infrastructure (SKI)

Records are distributed across nodes. There is no server-client relationship. We are engaged an autonomous method or protocol allowing each user or node to keep its records via SKI. This removes reliance on a central or third party for record keeping.

Encryption/decryption of all data with 2048 bits AES derivative

Just like any progressive developments. This layer of LokDon technology, though quite novel. It is not far removed from its superior mechanism over all. It is 10 times more aggressive than all others in fortifying the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.

Free use with friendly documentation

Some of the support and extended features might not be free but a general use of the system in personal application it supported as it is.

General use for most

It is readily available for use in all application with in-depth integration. You can incorporate this into a simple mobile application as well as complex enterprise softwares.

Hides data from
all threat actors

The system remains compliant to all sort of classified data while filtering unauthorized users. It covers all know standard, compliances and most regulatory mandates or statues.

Indefatigable, personalized
and flexible

Individual and organizations can modify the modes of operation to their liking and technical specification. This will stand any future rise in advanced encryption cracking techniques and /or analysis.

Joining one single cloud for multiple users regardless of domain

One can put content in say aws or / and azure while sharing a secure url regardless of the domain.

Knits defensive layers by creating uniqueness of data distribution

Organization seeking granularity still knows all data set via visibility, transparent, anomaly and cipher text signatures.

Secure API without complex PKI

The SDK uses secret key infrastructure to server API consumed by clients. The system reduces user information to data nucleus aggregator (DnA). And these individual DnAs are congregated at one point into digital data nucleic authority (DDnA). When you compare HS256 to Lokdon tokens mechanism. You can use https://jwt.io for the comparison.


Cloud and Internet security made in USA

Data security across mobile, IoT, blockchain and tablets

User privacy is protected and your ISP will never know

Zero knowledge base encryption using silent password

Free version for all except commercial users, businesses and enterprises

Biometric option for access and use in other resources e.g payment

Advance authentication methods; MFA using PIN, biometrics, and behavioral patterns.

LokDon is USA based company with its services hosted on Amazon.

Support over 30 cloud service providers and storage providers.

No need for configuration key file to backup

2048 bits End-point to end-point encryption technology

Cloud and internet privacy regulation and compliance to meet industry/government requirements

Uphold best practices for standards and frameworks of security in all media

Team collaboration, governance, audit and management

Zero knowledge proof