Operating Industries

Blockchain technology for Web 3.0 (Cryptocurrency or digital money)

Lokdon helps web 3.0 cryptocurrency driven economies to interoperate. Some of the applications of blockchain using tokenization are known to work with no future of interoperability and scaling. The design of Lokdon’ symmetric encryption suits or removes the difficulty of cross certification. This and many other reasons had made it really difficult to make blockchain technology decentralized until now. Lokdon introduces a hybrid system to address these issues.

Legal Technology (LegTech)

We have made it very easy for attorneys and their clients; courts and customers to share, collaborate, hold legal documents and electronic contracts securely without fear that someone could breach the attorney-client privilege. Lokdon has inbuilt adoption of many compliances, Standards, best practices, regulatory statutes, policies and procedures from both state/federal governments and framework.

Finance Technology (FinTech)

Using Lokdon makes encryption of PII like financial (bank and non-bank) and other classified data sets used in financial industry possible. Encryption of credit card information, tax data, IRS data, under PCI-DSS, SOX, GLB compliances had been more than a recommendation. The viability of Lokdon encryption of these data sets in both transit and rest motivates a pervasive use of encryption with no extra cost. We have also introduced encrypted APIs, de-identification and de-addressing in all areas as a means of rebutting the GDPR Right-to-forgotten.

Education Technology (EdTech)

Lokdon uses a granular approach to data encryption. The use of DNA and DDNA guarantees confidentiality, integrity and availability. Cybercrime is rising, and educational institutions are high-profile targets. It is imperative that we take a detour by thinking outside the box to solve the imminent threat on cybersecuirty. Unfortunately, many educational organizations are not using any encryption technology even though encryption is a mainstay security control that is required by regulations and policies. This practice must change if schools are to protect sensi-tive data and avoid penalties.Adhering to data security requirements is a process, not a single step.

Health Technology (HealthTech)

Using Lokdon makes encryption of PHI, PII, PCI and other classified data sets used in healthcare industry easy to manage, protect and secure. Encryption of PHI under HIPPA had been a recommendation but the viability of Lokdon encryption of these data sets in both transit and rest motivates a pervasive use of encryption as opposed to de-identification with no extra cost. We use homomorphic mechanism as well as security of information using verification, validation and evaluation. We also introduced encrypted APIs and de-addressing for healthcare as a means of addressing the GDPR right to forget.- This provides user with portals to control the information the provider needs to to complete a part of business logic. Many embedded devices exist in the healthcare industry. We see the need for encrypting all data passing through CMD, IMD and ICD. Lokdon uses a hybrid algorithm to keep and share data using intermediate representation of the provenance between these devices and other entities.

Extensive Solutions

LokDon provide: Secure (key less) Add-ons for emails or Plugins for browsers to address de-identification and privacy of PHI and many other classified data. Identity Access Control of Access List Management (IACALM) within high level encryption and quantum resistance cryptography (QRC) are weaved into ECSMID used for communication without cumbersome private and public keys.