Explore various data protection Use Cases

We need not worry much about these mounting problems anymore. LokDon is here to help by using our patented key-less authentication and platform agnostic internet protocols designed to make your organisation’s and your clients’ information a secret before and after you might have shared it.

These are the applications built to validate the development and implementation of LokDon ECSMID V1.0.0 SDK. We show here the diagrams of these prospective White Label Applications. We remain open to those small to medium sized businesses who would like to further develop and implement these for their pain points.

LokDon ECSMID V1.0.0 SDK is available on AWS as Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and on Docker as Container Image

Secure True Digital ID

sTrueDID (Secure True Digital ID) creates an encrypted Digital origin ID for authentication in Web 3 Blockchain and HealthTech Industry without using seed phrases or keys.

Secure Desktop

sDesktop (Secure Desktop) protects privacy and secures information (files, images, text, audio, video or documents etc.) or on-line and off-line for HealthTech and EducationTech
SDesktop LokDon

Secure Password Manager

sPassMngr (Secure Password Manager) encrypts passwords and secures them without the usual keys on the vault itself.  However it uses Enhanced Password-less system for Web 3 Blockchain, FinTech, HealthTech and Banks.

Secure Evault

sEvault (Secure Evault) encrypts files, documents, etc., and makes it possible for businesses to share critical information online/offline around the world with a secure visual analytics for FinTech, HealthTech and LegalTech Industry.

Secure Cloud

sCloud (Secure Cloud) is an encrypted collaboration tool which provides a seamless sync with cloud services including storage using secure true digital identification to authenticate for Web 3 Blockchain, HealthTech, Fintech and Banks.

Secure Collaboration

sCollab (Secure Collaboration) is a tool used by SaaS companies to share sensitive data and update the state of their workflow. 

Secure Collobration LokDon

How do we manage browser security?

Our browser security is one of a kind. The plugin serves the purpose of encrypting all data or your personal information before it hits the world wide web. Plugin encrypts the data and sends it out smartly. The request from the client is not read until the user gets authenticated and authorized to resources. The instruction in the server will also decide the response given. Whether the client has authorization to certain resources or not, is determined by the attributes supplied upon registration. The profile attributes could equally be obtained from openAuth (FB or Google). That is access is granted or not granted based on certain combination of advanced authentication types. Access control and control of the access list are managed apart from the plugin processing