Our team

The LokDon family

Josiah J. Umezurike

Founder / CTO
- Acting CEO

Floyd Harper

CEO Xpressgroup Inc 40+ years experience in data security

Emma Morris

Mentor and Multi-exit Entrepreneur

Our Future

LokDon is a provider of keyless; platform-agnostic authentication; online protection; information security for corporations and their clients using endpoint-to-endpoint encryption within a Zero-Trust framework. 

The secret sauce is an AI driven risk/vulnerability assessment; threat analysis incident notification and reporting in case of any breach. -AI progress monitoring and notification. 

LokDon’s understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP); our data defense mechanism and defence-in-depth knowledge of the current and the latest security tools, routes the cyber kill chain as the last guard-rail between your thoughts (IP) and the information you leave online. 

LokDon’s commitment to innovation, will ensure our clients continuous protection, prevention identification, detection and response to cyber threat agents both within and outside.