Secure Cloud encrypts your files and provides a seamless sync with Amazon s3 storage and other cloud storage services

No Spy Zone

No better way to describe your data as no spy zone when encrypted using quantum resistance cryptography.

Identity Encryption

Your data is your own and nobody else. We made sure your data is uniquely identifiable to you

Data Permission

No penny would be made off your data because third-parties are blind to it except you give them the permission

Confidential data isn't confidential when not secured. Encrypt your data anywhere at anytime

There has never been a time when third parties aren't selling your data or monitoring your online activities for the sole aim of making a profit. Aside from making profits off your data, hackers can easily hijack your so-called confidential data to blackmail you either through cash deposit or something worse.

Think of it, instead of paying thousands or millions to an online theft or losing the confidence of your loyal customers/clients, why not protect it now? There is no better way of saying this; your data is about to be compromised if not secured.

Secure your customer data to establish long lasting trust and relationship

Don't join millions of businesses who shutdown because their customers no longer trust them.

Don't allow credit card information to be stolen before you protect customers personal data

Your customers trust you with their data, don't let them down

Remember those nights of constantly thinking of how and when to start your new business, those nights of sending emails to retain your existing customers while still trying to acquire more? We understand those nights and the amount of hard work you are currently putting to grow your business.

Think of it, it's the reputation & hard work you put into your business that makes customers trust you with their precious data and just like that, you disappoint them by not protecting their data.