We don't just create solutions, we create zero trust security

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Our Solutions

We need not worry much about these mounting problems anymore. LokDon is here to help by
using our patented key-less authentication and platform agnostic internet protocols designed to
make your organization’s and your clients’ information a secret before and after you might have
shared it. We have done much better by phasing the project in two:

Phase 1

Giving all (corporations and clients) information control (or supremacy) by embedding instructions

in the applications they use. -Control of information.

The privacy and security solution

LokDon created solutions that protect online privacy; secure corporations’ and clients’ information using patented key less authentication platform agnostic internet protocols designed to keep your information secret before and after you might have shared it.- Autonomous control of information.

Keyless Authentication

LokDon uses a keyless mechanism to assign a one-time identifier for each
unique data exchange over the internet. This removes movement of keys from
point A to point B. Moreso, passwords and usernames are removed for
authentication and authorization.

Dynamic identifiers

The keyless unique identifiers have interesting characteristics making them
dynamic or ever changing. Using these dynamic identifiers we lock down
corporations/clients information and put you back in total control of your
corporations’ information.

Economic gains

By locking down your corporation’s information you can benefit financially by
selling it to those who might need them for research. The objective of protecting
information could include archiving for reference purposes and material gains.

Confidential and private

The communication or exchange using this technology is most confidential and
private because it respects the tenets of security harmoniously by propping
advanced authentication. This makes it possible for a triangulation of an apex of
undisputed identification. The identification or verifiable credential is encrypted
and converted to an intermediate representation which must be proven via
verification and if the zero knowledge layer is validated by the receiver’s identity
validation then the access is granted to the sender. This applies to every

Phase 2

Supporting all to make money directly from their information without third parties; just by the click

of a button on a browser search. -Sell informaton.

All browser search


Sell information independently

No third party!!