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ZKP Triangle Flow 3

This leg is handled by the sender after a successful confirm message is sent from the recipient all in app

  • Sender’s M3PIN is extracted from the message body decrypted and compared with the recipient’ M3PIN for a character length of 10 if it matches to determine a valid M2PIN string if(!CipherControl.getInstance().decryptMpinFromSinglePosition(m3Pin+applicationController .getValueFromPerference(Constants.KEY_MPIN).charAt(10)) .equalsIgnoreCase(CipherControl.getInstance() .decryptTransactionSecurityPin(applicationController .getValueFromPerference(Constants.KEY_MPIN)))) { TastyToast.makeText(context,”Mpin Not Match”,TastyToast.LENGTH_SHORT,TastyToast.ERROR).show(); Return; }
  • The confirm payment API is accessed LEG A with parameters like sent amount, session message, sender phone number and receiver phone number all encrypted.
  • M3Pin is stripped out from the other message body all encrypted with the SMS encryption algorithm SmsEncryption.getInstance( ).getEncryptSms(messageText.toString( ), keyList.get(position));
  • SMS is sent with a confirm keyword to the recipient for the final leg of the SMS transaction.