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ZKP Triangle Flow 2

The receiver will decrypt the entire message after M3PIN of the receiver is extracted and decrypted to M2PIN. Thereafter, the receiver will read messages list from the LOKDON application (after M2PIN of receiver is matched) the receiver finds the message sent from the sender clearly decrypted by now, recipient takes further step to click on the reply button. Now the logic behind the reply click are as follows:

  • Sender M3PIN is extracted from the message body decrypted and compared with the recipient M2PIN for a character length match if it matches to determine a valid M2PIN string if(!CipherControl.getInstance().decryptMpinFromSinglePosition(m3Pin+applicationController .getValueFromPerference(Constants.KEY_MPIN).charAt(10)) .equalsIgnoreCase(CipherControl.getInstance() .decryptTransactionSecurityPin(applicationController .getValueFromPerference(Constants.KEY_MPIN)))) { TastyToast.makeText(context,”Mpin Not Match”,TastyToast.LENGTH_SHORT,TastyToast.ERROR).show(); Return; }
  • A session is created by POST parameters comprising of recipient encrypted email, phone number and api key to the API url
  • Session message, M3PIN encrypt, amount and email are concatenated to a string and encrypted with our SMS encryption algorithm SmsEncryption.getInstance( ).getEncryptSms(messageText.toString( ), keyList.get(position)); Once completed SMS is sent to the sender for acknowledgement.