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ZKP Triangle Flow 1

Form input data for initiating the SMS based money transfer are recipient email, recipient phone number and amount sent.

  • Recipient email – fully encrypted
  • Recipient email – fully encrypted
  • Recipient phone number – fully encrypted
  • Sender email – fully encrypted
  • Amount – fully encrypted

String receiverEmail = CipherControl.getInstance().encryptGenericData(recv_email);

String userPhoneNumber = CipherControl.getInstance().encryptGenericData(number);

String userSendEmail = CipherControl.getInstance().encryptGenericData(send_email);

String sentAmount = CipherControl.getInstance().encryptGenericData(amount);

All data above would be sent as a POST request to this API url For creating a session and profile of transaction.

M3Pin is stripped out by a POST request of these parameters

  • Encrypted recipient email
  • Encrypted recipient phone number
  • With sender API Key

To this API url

On a success response, the session ID from the create session API, sent amount, recipient email, M3Pin of the recipient, all encrypted are sent as SMS string to the receiver phone number with a keyword CDR for the first leg. All messages are encrypted and unreadable except with the LOKDON app.