About Us

About Us

We create solutions that will keep people-data secure and private. Simultaneously, this will allow encryption of health records, global payments, file sharing, IM (audio/video) and cloud services using 2048 bits quantum resistance cryptography: LFKI hybrid, Advance Encryption Scheme.

It is a dynamic cryptographic system which engages the nature of the digital world to address future threats and attack vectors on computers and internet security. This is a hybrid system that challenges the current state against high level security in constrained systems as well.

We find that it can be used in all disciplines and businesses. It just doesn’t provide the tenet of security alone, it empowers people by privatizing and personalizing data. As a result of this, it could be used as part of a tool that brings people, products and technology in a place without trust. Yes! Without considering trust, all will contract, transact, distribute, share and automate, smart secure/immutable records in a decentralized domain to cause changes in enterprises by eliminating third parties in bank-finance, futures exchange, health, legal assistance, retail, construction, national census, manufacturing (Industrie 4.0), agriculture, property registry, election/voting, pod habitation and security exchange while economically strengthening advanced trade in the world.

The core technology was research intensive as it took over 17 years to work on the protocols and algorithms. There are patents pending on these. Finally, we are following an ABC path so that you can benefit from this. LokDon is not an just an over the counter solution. We are solving existing problems the way circumstances present them with respect to the locale skill sets. Among other things we bring to the table some needed features to scale and interoperate mobile, IoT, distributed ledger and blockchain technology.

Journey with us as we give you a brief of our security:

Lokdon is 2048 bits quantum resistant cryptographic technology that uses Lattice Face key infrastructure scheme (LFKI). This system or algorithm extrapolates AES 256. It presents an alternative

1. Digital Nucleus Aggregates (DNA):

This refers to homogeneous collection of the components or attributes of user’s profile. e.g Full name, IMEI, DOB, fingerprint and etc,.

2. Digital Data Nucleic Authority (DDNA):

This is a collection or record of DNA of different users or profiles all in one.

These are built within the cryptographic infrastructure enabling protocol’s to extend the most Advanced Encryption System. More so, LFKI increases the current asymmetric and symmetric suite capability to 8 times the potency. It has homomorphic outputs owed to its dynamic key formation which makes it very recommendable for blockchain, drone and IoT as well.

As a dynamic cryptosystem, it engages the nature of the digital world by addressing future threats. These include attack vectors, malware, bots, people-data and internet vulnerabilities. This hybrid system challenges the current state against high level security, mostly, in constrained environment.